Exploring Orthodoxy — My personal exploration of the Orthodox Church.
Questions — A series of short questions pertinent to (a)theism, religion and more.
Why You Should Be Skeptical Of John W. Loftus — My collection of posts in homage to the famed internet atheist.
A Ghost In The Machine — A series of rebuttals to Ebonmuse’s argument from mind-brain unity, as advanced on his archive site Ebon Musings.
The Greatest Thing In The World — Henry Drummond’s sermon on 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, the famous “love” passages. Highly recommended for believers of all types and atheists interested in learning more about the Bible.
Proof of God’s Existence — Responses to thought experiments designed to explore the epistemic parameters of “commonsense inquiry,” including justified belief, conservatively stated belief, and thoughts on the nature of evidence.
Jesus & His Kingdom — A chapter-by-chapter review of Mike Gantt’s online book, Jesus and His Kingdom: The Biblical Case For Everyone Going To Heaven.
Anomalous Phenomena — Factual accounts that seem to directly confront one or more tenets of metaphysical naturalism.
False Arguments — Common arguments that I allege are false, meaning that they reduce to rhetorical device, fallacy or some other breach of cogency.
MiracleQuest — An ongoing series exploring the degree of epistemic reliability we can attribute to miracle claims.
The Atheist Afterlife — A review of David Staume’s The Atheist Afterlife, which purports to offer a falsifiable case for mind-body dualism (the Inside-Out hypothesis).
Rebutting Atheist Universe — A review of David Mills’ Atheist Universe. I discontinued this series because I simply couldn’t stomach Mills’ approach to (a)theism past the first few chapters. That’s not a slam on Mills, just an extension of my general dislike of pronoun-laden arguments and emotionally-charged keywords.
Random Links & Snippets — A collection of stuff I’ve found while crawling the internet, most of it related in some way to philosophy of religion or (a)theist discussion.