Question #9: Could the Laws of Science Be Evolving?

NOTE: this post was previously titled, “Why Aren’t the Laws of Science Evolving?” I changed the title after I realized that the previous title implies the very assumption being challenged :)

Rupert Sheldrake recently asked this question in his banned TED talk. I think it’s an excellent question that deserves serious inquiry. All observations I’m aware of converge: everything is evolving, except the laws that dictate the evolving! This ties right into the classic Aristotleian delineation: that which moves do so at the behest of something which does not move. Interesting, isn’t it?


  1. Syllabus says:

    I suppose that’ll depend upon what you think the ‘laws’ which govern nature are (normative vs. descriptive, etc).

  2. credulo says:

    No more news, CL?

  3. cl says:

    News? You mean blog posts? As in, no more blog posts? I rarely check in here anymore. I almost got inspired to post tonight but… time got sucked up cleaning up spam.

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